Q: Are your pictures real and recent?

A: Absolutely! I update my photos a few times a year not only for authenticity, but to dress up for each season as well. I like to stay new and fresh for my friends.

Q: Do you have reviews?

A: I do!


TER # 345922

EM ID # 867941

Q: Do you smoke?

A: I am not a smoker and my incall location is smoke free. While I am willing to see smokers, you may not do so at my incall location.

Q: May I make outfit requests?

A: I will take outfit requests within reason (not super last minute) and will accommodate when/if possible. When I am on tour please make requests prior to my visit in order to ensure I have your desired outfit.

Q: I do not feel comfortable submitting screening information, will you make an exception for me? I promise I’m a nice guy.

A: Absolutely not, I am a safety oriented provider. If you feel more comfortable seeing someone who is not careful then I am definitely not the companion for you.

Q: I cannot afford you, what are my options? Are your considerations negotiable?

A: To all my lovely suitors who work so hard saving up their money to spend time with me, please know that I will never disrespect you by cutting deals with entitled people who insist on instant gratification.

My donations are set in stone and absolutely not negotiable, suggesting anything less will make me angry and you will be permanently blocked, even if we have met before. This includes asking for “half hours” or “quick visits.” Please don’t.

Q: How do you screen?

A: My screening methods are industry standard and I offer multiple options. The most common methods are references from reputable ladies or employment verification. However if you are retired and/or self-employed and have no references, then you may submit a photo of your ID with full name visible although you may hide your address.

I also accept P411 memberships w P411 ID if you have a sufficient amount of recent “okays.”

Q: Are you reference friendly?

A: Absolutely! However if you are going to use me as a reference I ask that you please either send me or the lady you are requesting to see a refresher of our time together.

Q: Do you require a deposit?

A: In most circumstances yes I will require a deposit, 25% for most appointments, 50% for overnights and fly me to you’s. When I am at my home base (new England /upstate NY area) I can waive the deposit requirement for same day outcalls if you are not too far away from me and do not have a history of canceling/flaking on me or other providers. For incalls at my home base (new England/upstate NY area) deposit is required always because I need to secure a room. When I am on tour outside of New England and already have an incall set up, I can waive the deposit requirement for same day incall requests and outcall requests within a reasonable distance if you do not have a history of canceling with me or other providers. For advanced notice appointments I will require a deposit to hold/guarantee your spot, otherwise I can “wait-list” you which means you’ll need to contact me the day of to check I’m still available, if someone else books your desired time with a deposit you will lose your spot. I can only wait list you for appointments if you do not have a history of canceling on me or other ladies AND the appointment is under 3 hours in length, for all other appointments deposit is required and is nonrefundable unless I need to cancel. If you give me more than 24 hour notice for said cancellation you may use that deposit to reschedule ONCE within 2 weeks of your original appointment for same day cancellation or second time cancellation deposit is forfeited.

Q: I am not comfortable paying deposit, I’ve been ripped off before.
A: Deposit thefts usually happen due to lack of research on the gentleman’s part, are you positive you did your research on the lady before making contact? Did you check for a social media presence? Reviews? Professional website? Or did you just cold call ads without doing your homework?

I would hope you did your research on me ahead of time before making contact, if you did you’d know I have an extensive Twitter presence, I’m highly reviewed on multiple sites, and I have an Onlyfans. I’ve worked very hard to build and maintain my stellar reputation to run away and retire off your small deposit. Stealing someone’s deposit would end my whole career, not something I’m about to do.

And if you read my last question/answer carefully, I can waive the deposit requirement under limited circumstances.

Q: I am unsure of my availability, is it ok if I still contact you to introduce myself/”prescreen”

A: No please do not do this, my time is valuable. I understand it’s hard to get away but please only contact me when you are ready to commit to a date and time (even if it’s last minute); hearing when you *might* be available is completely useless to me.

Anyone who does not honor this policy and contacts me not knowing their availability will be blocked from further contact.

Please understand this is not the same as our schedules not matching up, you will NOT be blocked if I am unavailable at your desired time, and are absolutely welcome to try again.

Q: Are you couple friendly?

A: I love couples! Couples sessions with your partner are time and a half. I also have both a male and a female that I do duos with, please see my “doubles” page for more information.

Q: Are you party friendly?

A: While I make no judgments as to what you do outside of our time together; however in order for us to fully enjoy our time together I ask that there be no “party favors” present during our time together; disregarding this policy will result in immediate termination of our appointment with no refund.


Q: I want to meet; I need human contact but I am scared of catching Covid-19, how do we handle this?

A: We can stand 6ft apart from each other the entire time and I will blow kisses from across the room . (smile)

In all seriousness, this is a dilemma many of us are facing today, having to go against our human nature to protect ourselves and our loved ones who may be vulnerable can take a serious toll on our mental health and emotional well being, especially since it has gone on for so long with no end date in site. It is especially difficult for those who are extroverts.

As a former therapist, I whole heartily believe that mental and emotional health is every bit as important as our physical health and that human contact is vital to said mental/emotional health, which is why I am still available to meet during these trying times as long as I am symptom-free.

However, I also completely understand and respect that not everyone is comfortable with human contact at this time which is why I offer virtual options (please see my “love me from afar”) page.

I take every precaution humanly possible to keep myself and my suitors safe, however it is unrealistic to expect me (or any provider) to give you a 110% guarantee that you will not catch covid-19. I CAN promise I am doing everything in my power to stay safe while still providing this extremely valuable service, I CAN promise that if I feel so much as a sniffle I will reschedule our time together, I CANNOT promise with complete certainty that you won’t catch it, no one (truthfully) can.

If you are not comfortable with that (small) risk, I ask that you please refrain from hiring me for in person sessions until there is a treatment available that is to your satisfaction OR you can make peace with the risk. If you catch covid-19 at the grocery store I will likely be the first one you point your finger at, and that is not something I am comfortable with.

Q: I want to get you a gift! What do you like?

A: Gifts are by no means obligatory; however if this is something you wish to do there are some gifts that I enjoy. I am a practical girl and love gifts that I can use. My favorites are high end shampoos/conditioners, bath bombs, gift cards to Sephora, Ulta, Coach, Bebe, and Amazon are among my favorites. Also any toy for my cats will absolutely melt my heart!

My Amazon Gift list


Q: You have not responded to my inquiry and it has been more than two days, what happened?

A: I am very timely and prompt and responding to all inquiries. However there are  some things that will cause me to not respond; including but not limited to your information appearing on a blacklist site, using explicit language with me, incomplete or deceptive screening information, or attempts to barter/negotiate my rates or screening.

Q: Do you offer “fly me to you?”

A: I do. Minimum appointment time is three hours plus travel expenses. Travel expenses plus 50% donation for appointment time must be paid upfront.

Q: Do you do *insert explicit acts/inappropriate acronyms?*

Since I am a safety oriented and discreet lady, I have zero tolerance for solicitation/incriminating conversations this is grounds for automatic block.

Q: Will you let me know when you have an incall set up?

A: With the exception of tours outside my home base; for the sake of maintaining a personalized experience and low traffic, I do not share incalls with multiple suitors I do not keep any kind of incall waiting list. I will have an incall set up whenever you book one; please do not make this request, expecting another patron to pay for your incall is uncouth and tacky. That being said in a frugal and excellent shopper, most of the time I can find nice hotels at great deals, it’s not usually as expensive as you think.

Q: Will you send me extra pictures/FaceTime me to prove you’re real?
A: Will you send me extra money to prove you aren’t a broke time waster?
I will not jump through extra hoops to prove my legtimacy because you did not do your research prior to making contact. I am literally all over the internet, I have an extensive Twitter (with a verification video in my pinned tweet), I am highly reviewed and I have an Onlyfans, r plus I have adult content on pornhub (with free trailers) and manyvids eally who could fake all that? You will find the link to these in the linktree in my bio on www.twitter.com/daphnedamour


Q: I have a disability/physical ailment, will you still see me?

A: Absolutely! As long as you are a decent and respectful human being, all races, genders, ages (18+), disabilities/abilities are welcome to enjoy an unforgettable time with me.

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