Q: Are your pictures real and recent?

A: Absolutely! I update my photos a few times a year not only for authenticity, but to dress up for each season as well. I like to stay new and fresh for my friends.

Q: Do you have reviews?

A: I do!

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Q: Do you smoke?

A: I am not a smoker and my incall location is smoke free. While I am willing to see smokers, you may not do so at my incall location.

Q: May I make outfit requests?

A: All outfits you see in my photos are available for request. If you have something in mind that is not in my photos, feel free to ask! Halloween costumes are available year round.

Q: “I do not feel comfortable submitting screening information, will you make an exception for me? I promise I’m a nice guy.”

A: Sorry I cannot, I am a safety oriented provider. If you feel more comfortable seeing someone who is not careful then I am definitely not the companion for you.

Q: “I cannot afford you, what are my options? Are your considerations negotiable?”

A: Sorry they are not. I understand time with me is a luxury that not everyone will be able to afford; and this is how I like to keep it so that I may be as selective as you are.

That being said, many of the lovely gentlemen I spend time with are not wealthy, they save up for weeks or even months to spend time with me. To give you a discount would be very unfair to them.

If my considerations are not acceptable to you, there are plenty of lovely companions who are priced lower than myself I am confident you will be able to find someone who meets your budget.”

Q: How do you screen?

A: My screening methods are industry standard and I offer multiple options. The most common methods are references from reputable ladies or employment verification. However if you are retired and/or self-employed and have no references, then you may submit a photo of your ID with full name visible although you may hide your address.

I also accept P411 memberships w P411 ID.

Q: Are you reference friendly?

A: Absolutely! However if you are going to use me as a reference I ask that you please either send me or the lady you are requesting to see a refresher of our time together.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: I understand life happens and sometimes makes cancellations unavoidable; however due to the time I have blocked off especially for you and may have turned away others I do enforce a strict cancellation policy. Cancellations with less than 12 hour notice will require 50% donation. While I only use blacklist sites for the most egregious offenses, refusal to honor my cancellation fee will result in you being blacklisted.

Q: Do you require a deposit?

A: I do not require deposits for appointments of one or two hours. However for engagements of three hours or longer I do require a 25% deposit. If the appointment is cancelled with less than 12 hour notice the deposit is forfeited. If cancellation is more than 12 hour notice then you may apply your deposit to an appointment rescheduled within two weeks of original time. However if it is not rescheduled within said time deposit is forfeited.

Q: Are you couple friendly?

A: I love couples! Couples sessions with your partner are time and a half. I also have both a male and a female that I do duos with, please see my “doubles” page for more information.

Q: Are you party friendly?

A: While I make no judgements as to what you do outside of our time together; however in order for us to fully enjoy our time together I ask that there be no “party favors” present during our time together; disregarding this policy will result in immediate termination of our appointment with no refund.

Q: I want to get you a gift! What do you like?

A: Gifts are by no means obligatory; however if this is something you wish to do there are some gifts that I enjoy. I am a practical girl and love gifts that I can use. My favorites are high end shampoos/conditioners, bath bombs, gift cards to Sephora, Ulta, Coach, Bebe, and Amazon are among my favorites. Also any toy for my cats will absolutely melt my heart!

Q: You have not responded to my inquiry and it has been more than two days, what happened?

A: I am very timely and prompt and responding to all inquiries. However there are  some things that will cause me to not respond; including but not limited to your information appearing on a blacklist site, using explicit language with me, incomplete or deceptive screening information, or attempts to barter/negotiate my rates or screening.

Q: Do you offer “fly me to you?”

A: I do. Minimum appointment time is three hours plus travel expenses. Travel expenses plus 50% donation for appointment time must be paid upfront.

Q: Are you fetish friendly?

A: Some fetishes yes others no. However if I am to be a “submissive” during our time together, for my safety references from 2 reputable providers are required for this sort of session. Other screening methods alone will not suffice for a submissive session. I am more into sensual submission, I am not into pain/humiliation.

I can also be your Domina if you so desire which has less stringent screening requirements.

Q: Do you kiss?

A: Absolutely I am the epitome of girlfriend-experience. I love kissing and cuddling.

Q: Will you let me know when you have an incall set up?

A: With the exception of tours outside my home base; for the sake of maintaining a personalized experience and low traffic, I do not share incalls with multiple suitors I do not keep any kind of incall waiting list. I will have an incall set up whenever you book one; please do not make this request, expecting another patron to pay for your incall is uncouth and tacky. That being said in a frugal and excellent shopper, most of the time I can find nice hotels at great deals, it’s not as expensive as you think.

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