“I was a loyal customer why wont you see me at your old rates?”

First off I want to say I apologize for not keeping up with my blogging, I’ve been too busy twittering:). I’ll be good I promise!

I have two answers to this, one which is more “politically correct ” than the other, we will start with the politically correct one.

1. My desire to be lower volume.


It is not that I am unappreciative of repeat business, au contraire! I desire to be lower volume for two big reasons.

A) I work out of my apartment in an apt complex,  I have neighbors who live within close vicinity. I do NOT need a ton of foot traffic coming in and out of my apt to where the neighbors call apt management or worse the authorities.  Suppose they called while YOU were in session with me? Think about that for a while…

B) While I was higher volume I was simply getting burnt out, my energy was flagging and it was affecting my performance. Do you want to spend your hard earned money on a drowsy burnt out provider? Didnt think so… with seeing less people I am able to be fresh, bright eyed bushy tailed and energetic for you!

I realize not everyone will be able to continue seeing me at my new rates, but being lower volume at my old rates was simply not financially feasible. And if I grandfathered everyone into my old rates, that would defeat the whole purpose of being lower volume.

2. The less “politically correct ” answer.

I recently underwent a huge body transformation, I went from 200 lbs to 125, also had a tummy tuck and breast lift. I also have learned to do my make up properly and how to dress. This is NOT to say BBWs are not beautiful, they absolutely are! Maybe I’m an anomaly but I saw my earnings steadily increasing as I slimmed down , the thinner I got the more calls I got, and I was getting way more than I could accommodate so I adjusted my rates accordingly. Plus, I’ve worked super hard for this and I think I’ve earned it :).

Remember this; even at my new rates most of my clients are not “rich,” many save up for weeks or months to save me. It may be delayed gratification,  but saving up is possible for just about anyone. And if it is something you are unable or unwilling to do, there are plenty of providers in all price brackets so I am confident you will find someone who meets your budget. And if I’m not “worth it,” then why would you want to see me anyway?

Cheers to growing (in my case shrinking), evolving and self improvement!

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