Love me from afar

Does distance keep us apart? Maybe your schedule is exceptionally tight? Or perhaps you have been staring at my pictures for a while but are not quite ready to take the plunge yet? 
Allow me to incorporate my therapy experience and naughty desires rolled all into one. Perhaps you would like some phone time with me? Whether you are an established friend who is eagerly anticipating our next tryst, an excited newbie who is counting down the days until our first meeting, are not quite ready to meet me in person yet, or if you are a long distance admirer; then let’s chat via niteflirt
Hearing my sexy voice is not enough and you would like a video chat? I offer video chats via WhatsApp in thirty minute increments, please see my “considerations” page for details. 
And for those who like to have a souvenir, to carry my essence wherever you may go. I sell used panties to both local friends and long distance admirers. Please see my panty deal profile for details. 


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