Deposit/Cancellation Policy: I require a deposit for most appointments. However I can waive the deposit requirement under limited circumstances. When I am at my home base and not on tour (New England CT/Boston/RI and Upstate NY) I can waive the deposit requirement for same day out-calls under three hours provided you have no history of cancelling on me or other providers. When I am at my home base deposits are required for all in-calls as a room needs to be secured, whether its the same day or a future date. When I am on tour, deposit can be waived for same day in-calls and out-calls provided you have no history of uncompensated cancellations. For all future date bookings, deposit is required if you want me to hold your spot. If it is an out-call (unless I’m on tour then this applies to in-call and out-call) for a future date, I can book you on a TENTATIVE/WAIT-LIST basis without a deposit if the appointment is under three hours, however if I get another booking with a deposit at your desired time your appointment will be cancelled. Deposits are non-refundable unless in the rare event that I need to cancel, however you may use the deposit to reschedule ONCE within two weeks of our original date if more than twenty-four hour notice is given. For same day cancellations, deposit is forfeited regardless of the reason for cancellation and you’ll need to pay a new deposit to reschedule. Repeated cancellations means I will no longer book with you. 


  1. For your safety as well as my own, please understand I have a zero tolerance policy for any and all communication that could be misconstrued for solicitation. Any correspondence resembling lit-erotica will be promptly blocked. This includes any kind of code speak and inappropriate acronyms. Please do not suggest that my donation is for anything other than my time and companionship by requesting specific acts. This applies to both new and returning friends. Any and all dates are to unfold naturally. 

  2. If I get asked if I’m law enforcement; this sort of question insinuates that we are about to break the law and could be misconstrued for solicitation, so you will either be blocked or get a snarky response depending on the mood I’m in.

  3. Please no sanctimonious lectures on the evils of my work. This includes but is not limited to asking when I plan to leave the business/what I plan to do “after” this job, telling me I’m too beautiful/smart to do this work, asking “what else” I do as if this line of work is not enough, and please don’t drop your jaw/clutch your pearls when I tell you this is a long term career choice for me. If you feel that being a companion is only acceptable as a temporary or side gig to pay off student loans then we are not a match. 

  4. Verbal or physical abuse of any kind will NOT be tolerated. It is one thing to decompress after a stressful day, it is another to take out your frustrations on me. Intentionally inflicting any kind of pain, humiliation, or rough behavior will cause me to immediately terminate the session and you will be asked to leave without your donation.
  1. Know that during our time together I will always treat you like the king that you are, but also know that this is and always will be a professional only relationship and I expect you to always maintain that boundary with me, just as I do with you. Boundary violations include but are not limited to asking my real name, uncompensated “chatting” off the clock, requesting uncompensated meetups, I respect your privacy while we are apart always and I expect the same in return.


  2. Only make contact when you are sure you want to see me and are prepared to make a solid date. Out of respect for my time please do not send inquiries on when you *might* be available, I understand everyday pressures of work and family life make it difficult to get away; but such inquiries are useless  and I do not appreciate having a carrot dangled in front of me.  Any and all “maybe* *might be* *TBD” inquiries will be blocked from further contact. I would rather have a “yes” at the last minute then a “maybe” a week from now.


  3. Please do not insult me by requesting discounts, this includes asking for “half hours” or “short stays.” This is a sure fire way to ensure that you will never see me. This applies to new and returning suitors alike. I do not work on a sliding scale; if my donations are beyond what you are comfortable spending then you definitely should not see me. There are lovely ladies available for all budgets.


  4. Be a gentleman at all times, treat me as you would want to be treated.


  5. If I am to give you a reference, treat the provider with the upmost respect as you would treat me. Do not embarrass me by showing them any sort of disrespect, not honoring cancellation fees, pulling a no call/no show or using inappropriate language.


  6. Please lay out donation in an unsealed envelope in plain view without any sort of discussion, please do not make me ask for it.


  7. Impeccable hygiene is a must in order for us to fully enjoy our time together.


  8. For overnights I require a MINIMUM of six hours of uninterrupted sleep for me to be at my sweetest. For multi-day encounters I will require two hours of prep/personal time per day.


  9. For Fly Me To you’s, they must be a minimum of three hours and I must have my own transportation (rental car) and accommodation (hotel) if we are meeting for the first time. For safety reasons I cannot accept rides from nor stay overnight in the home of a new client for a fly me to you, although we are welcome to do extended dates in my room. I am happy to stay in your home after we have established a relationship and built trust. I will go to a first time suitors home when I am local or on tour.


  10. If we are to share a glass of wine or champagne together, it must come to the appointment unopened and only opened in my presence.

  11. If you are to fall ill with covid-19 and we have been in recent contact, please contact me ASAP yourself to let me know, do NOT give my information to contact tracers. I keep your information confidential and I expect the same in return. Anyone found to have done this will be blocked and blacklisted.

  12. Keep your expectations high albeit realistic. I am an experienced, enthusiastic, and talented provider however I am not a miracle worker.

©2019 Daphne D’amour

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