1.      Cancellation policy: I require 12 hour notice for cancellations, cancellations with less than 12 hour notice will require 50% donation. Refusal to honor cancelation fee will result in you being blacklisted. No calls/no shows will never be rescheduled.

  2.      For appointments of three hours or longer I require a 25% nonrefundable deposit (50% if it’s a “fly me to you”). If more than 12 hour notice is given for cancellation you may apply deposit to rescheduled session within 2 weeks of our original time. If less than 12 hour notice is given then deposit is forfeited. The only way a deposit is refundable is in the rare event that I need to cancel.

  3.      Impeccable hygiene is a must in order for us to fully enjoy our time together. Just coming in from work? No problem, I have fresh towels and men’s body wash available for your use.

  4.      Please lay out donation in an unsealed envelope in plain view without any discussion. Please do not grope me (hug and kiss is fine) before leaving donation out.

5.     Please do not tell me how I’m too smart/beautiful/educated to be doing my type of work, guilt is not a welcome member to our party. I do not want you to do anything that goes against your values. I love my job and do not need to be “rescued” nor pitied. I find it empowering not demeaning.

6.   If I am to give you a reference, please treat the other provider with the utmost respect as you would treat me. Please do not embarrass me by disrespecting their boundaries, pulling a no call/no show, or refusing to honor their cancellation fees if they have one.

7.  Discretion goes both ways. While I am honored that you may wish to reminisce on our time together by looking at our texts and emails. If you have a significant other I ask that you please password protect or delete this correspondence. If I am contacted by an irate wife or girlfriend I will unfortunately not be able to see you anymore.

8.  If you are intoxicated in any way shape or form or are in any way physically/verbally abusive, appointment will be immediately terminated without refund.

9.   For overnight appointments I require a minimum of six hours of uninterrupted sleep so I can be on my A-game for you.

10.  While I will treat you like the king that you are during our time together, in order to keep the fantasy and allure alive, I must keep our relationship business only. Please do not complicate things by asking me to hang out off the clock nor use my phone/email for “chatting.” I respect your privacy and expect the same in return. I offer rates for “social time” and I also offer chatting packages, please see my “considerations” page.

11. Considerations are only for my time and companionship; please do not come to me asking for a “menu” “service list” nor a checklist of explicit and illegal acts. I like to let my dates unfold naturally. If your correspondence begins to resemble literotica I will end communication.

©2019 Daphne D’amour

Taken By Storm