Using me as a reference

I am happy to be a reference to my customers!

If you are going to use me as a reference I ask that you:

A) Give me a heads up and a reminder of who you are and when/where we last met, as I do not hold onto records for your privacy.

B) If I am going to put in a good word for you, I expect you to treat the provider with the upmost respect that you would treat me. By that I mean abiding by all their rules and policies (yes even if they are different from mine). For example, if you saw me 9 months ago and they require references no more than 6 months old then please do not use me as a reference.

I also mean respecting their rules for deposits/cancellation fees, please do not embarass me by refusing to honor deposit/cancellation fees if the provider has them.

If I get wind of any of the above behavior, not only will I tell you to no longer use me as a reference, I also will not see you. Bawking at their policies after ive put in a good word for you reflects poorly on me, and building a trust/rappaport with my fellow providers is something I take very seriously.

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